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    Welcome to AGF Security

    Our mission is to protect homes, work places, and communities.

    We will carry this out by minimizing or completely erasing risk or threats to life and property through physical security, investigation research, judicious recruitment of personnel, conduct of specialized training and close cooperation and consultation with clients.

    To be able to meet expectation by our clients; we are bound by the following principles:

    Trust and Confidence. Selection and deployment of security officers and personnel that are trustworthy, honest, qualified and dedicated to their jobs.

    Professional and Reliable. Our security officers and personnel represent the interest of our clients and company as well; utmost professionalism and loyalty therefore are demanded in the discharge of their duties, without compromising security and safety.

    Pro-active Management. Appreciation of security requirements and the means to manage the threats it poses will be a major concern in the daily affairs of the agency.

    The lion known as the King of the Jungle symbolizes power, strength and commitment of the company. As the lion protects his lioness and cubs from predators so is the agency to its clients. “Vigilance” is our fundamental task to “keep a watchful eye and be alert at all times” ready to provide security and service.

    Quality security services that adds measurable value to our clients business is our rallying call.

    AGF Security Agency Corp.
    Unit 517 5/F PSMBFI Bldg.
    Santolan Road cor.1st & 2nd Sts.
    West Crame, San Juan Phils.

    (632) 584-1646
    (632) 482-9160

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